Silver meets Felt

24-25 May, 2014 - Minka de Weerd

Silverclay and Felt, a super-duo!

In this workshop of 1,5 day you will make gorgeous silverclay jewelry, which will be connected with felt. You don’t need to have any experience for the felting as well as for the claying.

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What we will do

On the first day you shall make your design and create the silverclaypiece(s), which will be baked at the end of the day. On the second day you will combine the clay with the felted piece.

These silverclay pieces could be embedded in feltor can be used as a button or closure. They can decarate a scarf or a jacket or they can embrace your felt. Silverclay works the same as normal clay. After baking on 850 Celcius there will be remain a piece of 99,9% silver. Minka de Weerd shall bring several samples en show us what will be possible. Depending of your choise in design you will be able to make more than one silverpiece. Your free to choose how to work, more with clay or more with wool and felt.

Who is Minka de Weerd


Minka says: "I have made my first felt in 2003, but after a workshop in 2007 with Judit Pocs I started to work seriously with it. In 2010 I started to study feltmaking at the Filzschule in Oberrot, Germany (Wollknoll). I graduated in July 2013 with an exhibition. This study brought me many skills in feltmaking.

What I like about feltmaking and felt are the tremendous possibilities. From very thin wearable felt to sculptural objects, it is all possible. And the play with colours or only working in natural shade is fantastic. During the study years I have worked in many ways and learned a lot of possibilities.

In 2010 I have also studied Art Clay Silver instructeur. It is a good and easy way to make your own silver jewelries. And ofcourse I was curious how to combine this silverclay with felt. This is a new boost for felt as well as for silverclay".


All workshops will be taught in English and/or in Dutch. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, warm dishes, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses.

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