By: Jacob Tant

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-Afghanistan sits on the Asian continent on the south side next to Pakistan and Iran

-The closest ocean is the Arabian Sea

-It is 252,072 miles total land cover

-It is a landlocked mountainous country

-Natural resources are zinc, copper, natural gas, petroleum, lead, iron ore and, salt

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-The country of Afghanistan has only a few major products such as cotton, tobacco, madder, castor, sugar beets, and beans

- The currency is Afghan Afghani

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-There is no real leader in Afghanistan but rather a group of Islamic people that run the country

-Afghan Military are the military forces of the Islamic Afghanistan- 352,000 soldiers

-Friends: Canada, Iran, Denmark, Iran ,India, Greece and Pakistan

Enemies: United States

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-Pashtuns are the top dogs then comes the Uzbeks then at the bottom are the Hazarans

-Afghanistan is an Islamic Country

- Life expectancy- 60 years

-Pashto, Dari