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Thank you to everyone that made it to your student-led conferences last week! It was great to see so many of you here at Hedden, making connections with staff and supporting students. If you have not yet had a chance to meet with your student's teacher, then please reach out and set a time with them, even it if needs to be via Zoom.

Thank you as well to all of those who volunteered to help out with the Book Fair and PTA taco bar. Your time and effort supporting our staff and students through these events are so appreciated and truly make a difference here at Hedden! As we close in on the end of the school year, we are hopeful that we can find more ways to partner with families and our PTA to support some fun events here for our students.

This week we are celebrating Classified Staff Appreciation Week as we honor the great work of these wonderful folks that make Hedden such a fun and safe place for our students and staff. Our classified staff support us throughout the campus, whether in the lunchroom, classroom, recess, student arrival, dismissal, and everything in between. Without them this place would not run.

To that end, we are so happy that we get to have this week with Ms. Sheri White, to honor the great work that she has done here at Hedden. Ms. White is a difference maker here at Hedden, for both students and staff, and she regularly goes above and beyond to help wherever and whenever she can. As Ms. White is an integral part of our team, I am sorry to say that this will be her final week here at Hedden, as she moves on to a fantastic position with the Master Builders Association of Pierce County. You will still see Ms. White up through the 22nd, and occasionally after that, but we are looking to hire someone to fill her role in the coming weeks. I want to thank Ms. White for all she has done and wish her the best in her new endeavor!

We do have some other events and good information below and I encourage you to read on and take a look. As always, reach out if you have questions.

Kind regards,

Don Sims

Principal Hedden Elementary

*~*~ Supt. Alfano's Message ~*~*

*Quick Video Shared w/ Students*

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^-^ After School Activities ^-^

After school activities have returned in a limit fashion here at Hedden.

As we are limited in our available slots for student participation, we do not send out notice to families, but we do make schoolwide announcements closer to the event sign up and send information home with interested students prior to the club start. As clubs change, we will work to keep you updated via the document below which is posted to our website.

In order to participate students must complete and turn in the application forms to the club supervisors. Students can only participate in after school activities if they meet the activities criteria. This includes following our behavior and academic guidelines during the regular school day, as well as in the after school activity.

Please note:

1. There is no transportation provided. Families are responsible for picking students up from Hedden at the end of the activity.

2. There are no spectators allowed at this time for our indoor activities.

~^~^~ PTA Taco Bar, YUM! ~^~^~

+-+-+-+ Attendance Note +-+-+-+

As we continue to live and work in a time of Covid 19, we understand and encourage students and families to be vigilant for symptoms that would require a student to stay home sick or in isolation. However, we do also want to encourage regular attendance when possible and ask that students and families work to be present each day they are able. Recently we have seen an increase in planned vacations and absences that are having an impact on student attendance and achievement. Below are some considerations related to those planned absences.

  • Dr. and Dental notes are needed to excuse appointments

    • Try to schedule appointments at beginning or end of day so students miss less school

  • We have a full time school nurse to assess your child if they are having symptoms.

  • A pre-arranged absence form needs to be filled out for students that will be missing 3 or more consecutive days off for a vacation.

  • Please plan extended vacations during breaks from school.

  • It is so important that students regularly attend school and have healthy attendance habits.

Thank you for continuing to partner with us to help our students be successful.

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{-}-{-} Mark Your Calendars, Events On the Horizon {-}-{-}


  • Today is the start of Classified Staff Appreciation week!
  • Pi Day (mathematical Pi: 3.14)
  • New playground equipment install begins


  • Spring Begins!!
  • Bring on the sun and flowers!


  • We are still working on the logistics, but be on the lookout for flyers next week


  • 5th Grade Music trip to SLMS
  • 5th Graders get an insight into the middle school music program
  • Return to Hedden by 12:10

4/4 to 4/8

  • Spring Break
  • Enjoy!

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