Team Steamrollers Newsletter

April 2013


First of all, I want to thank everyone for their patience over the last month or so. I know it's not an ideal situation to be in but I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience. The nest is still working on orders and doing their best to play catch up. Please be patient and know that everything will be taken care of as fast as they can.

Here are some helpful tips regarding closing Jewelry Bars:

We've recently noticed a number of Jewelry Bars in our system have been "open" for more than 30 days. Because these Jewelry Bars have not been closed out, the warehouse has not received the orders for packing and shipping. Many of these orders have been paid for, and it is important they are closed so we can get them out the door and to your customers as quickly as possible.

To assist us in fulfilling these customer orders, we ask that you visit your Back Office and review your Jewelry Bars. If you have any that have been open for more than two weeks, it is important that you close them as soon as possible.

We've put together the following information to guide you through the process of closing your Jewelry Bars.

Closing your Jewelry Bar Using One Credit Card:
1. Log in to your Back Office and choose the "Party" tab at the top
2. View all of your open Jewelry Bars listed under "My Open Events"
3. Select the Jewelry Bar you would like to close
4. In the bottom left of the screen, click the "Close Party" button
5. You will then be asked to "Validate Rewards"
6. Choose "Make Payment" and close the Jewelry Bar
7. Enter your credit card information
8. Once you hit "Save Payment," your card will be immediately charged and your Jewelry Bar closed.

Closing your Jewelry Bar Using Multiple Credit Cards:

1. Log in to your Back Office and choose the "Party" tab at the top
2. View all of your open Jewelry Bars listed under "My Open Events"
3. Select the Jewelry Bar you would like to close
4. In the box labeled "Party Orders & Hostess Orders," choose the order that you would like to apply payment to (the status will read "entered if payment has not yet posted)
5. Enter the information of the credit card you would like to use
6. In the top left corner of the page click "Post Order"
7. Once you have entered payment information for each order, click the "Close Party" button on the main page.

Please check all parties in your back office to make sure they are closed and do our part to make the Nest aware of these orders in the system.

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Top Team Sales:

1. Michelle Levitt - $761, 932.30

2. Laura Ausbrooks - $206,617.55

3. Janet Padilla - $123,028.29

4. Cheryl Leising - $77,556.54

5. Marlee Fritsch - $69,989.35

Top Personal Sales:

1. Cheryl Leising - $7,784.22

2. Heather Fann - $6,968.34

3. Lauren Ramsey - $6,835.95

4. Patti Brown - $6,564.02

5. The Coelho Sisters - $6,004.56

2013 AnnuOwl Convention

Although the $175 Early Bird Registration rate is no longer available, you don't want to miss out on O2’s biggest event ever! Our first National Convention, The O2 Experience, is landing in Downtown Phoenix, AZ on July 11-13, bringing THOUSANDS of Designers from across the country to the hometown of The Nest.

This special event is going to be an experience like none other as we gather together to make connections, grow your business and gain valuable insights that will help you discover the balance we all seek in our lives. The weekend will include training, BIG announcements, inspiration, exclusive time with your teams and so much more! Whether you are a Team Leader or a brand-new Designer, this event will change how you approach your Origami Owl business.

For complete event details and discounted hotel information, visit our event registration site. The current registration fee is $250.

I hope to see each and every one of you there.

Team Steamrollers Monthly Meeting

Save the date! June 19th @6:30 pm, Team Steamrollers will be holding their monthly team meeting. The plan is to hold upcoming meetings in the following areas:

June 2013 - Brea, CA

July - AnnuOwl Convention

August 2013 - San Dimas, CA area

Sept 2013, Corona, CA

Details will follow for the June 19th meeting just as soon as we secure a location. We are thinking either the Lazy Dog Cafe or BJ's which are both located near the Brea mall.

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