Computer Parts

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Computer Parts

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The main parts for the computer is the Motherboard which is the main circuit for the

system. The power supply for the main computer is located in the unit. All the other parts including the monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers.

Parts of a compute are:

Hard drive
Graphics processor
Heat sink
USB Board
DVD/CD Drive
Card reader
Fans/ liquid cooling

All the cables to connect everything
Ethernet card
Wireless card
The Housing
Power Supply Unit

they are all the computer parts that you nee, nothing else. The photo below is the circuit of the motherboard. It looks like a City but it is not it is a motherboard. All of the stuff inside the motherboard don't move unless you brake it.

In the video below the picture is 5 mins long it is how to build a PC computer.

Under the first video there's another video of a computer.

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How to Build a PC in 5 minutes with ASUS
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