Suicide in our society

listen when needed

The steps into suicide and how to prevent it

1.Some question the effectiveness of mental health screening, arguing that there is little evidence that this intervention prevents young people from committing suicide. Proof that any intervention reduces suicide rates is a high bar to pass, however, since the rarity of suicide would necessitate that a very large population be studied over a long period in order to demonstrate efficacy. Still, preliminary evidence suggests that screening has some positive effects. In one follow-up survey of parents of children who were identified through TeenScreen as having clinically significant psychiatric symptoms, including suicidal tendencies, 72% reported that their child was doing very well or had significantly improved and was seeing a mental health professional.

2.Finally, there is concern about the high sensitivity but relatively low specificity of the screening instruments, a combination that leads to many false positive results. The potential consequences of falsely identifying a teen as needing a more thorough psychiatric evaluation seem far less dire, however, than those of failing to identify a suicidal teenager. Stigma is real, but unlike suicide, it doesn't kill

3.It is accepted medical practice for teenagers to get frequent physical checkups, even though the odds of finding a serious physical disease in this population are very small. In contrast, the chance that a teen has a treatable psychiatric illness (such as anxiety, mood, or addictive disorder) is nearly 21%. How can we not routinely screen young people for mental illness when it is such an important cause of suffering and death.

Age of suicide

As you can see that 17 is the highest for rating for teen suicide. So many teens are bullied at that age no one can see what its doing to them. i think suicide is start to get very high at age 15-18. now these days people are getting worries cause cyber bullying is also there so it feels like we cant go anywhere cause something about you is online or there's a bad rumor about you at school. See all these things can make you hit the breaking point and make you just want to end your life. you cant change who those horrible people are.

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