Third Grade Rocks

Folsom ES Nov 16th-20th


Students had fun learning how multiplication is related to division. This week we will focus on strategies to multiply up to 10 by 10 with automaticity. That means we are expecting student to move away from making arrays or groups to know the answer.

Students learned how to make the area of a rectangle using an array last week. This week they will determine the area of rectangles using multiplication related to the number of rows times the number of squares in each row.

Multiplication tables 2 to 10 | Multiplication songs for children | elearnin


Our students have loved learning with our non-fiction unit introduction. They searched for text features and discussed why those features helped the reader understand the topic better. Students will be focusing on why the author writes certain genres. The students will use different text to determine the author's purpose, Persuasive, Information, Entertainment, and Descriptive. Are the kids ready to get PIED? ;)
Author's Purpose


We are beginning a new unit on Soil Formation this week. Students will learn the following:

1. Soils are important for all life on earth.

2. Soil is a natural resource.

3. Soils are made of many components.

4. The weathering of rock helps form soil.

5. Soil contains many substances including decomposed plant and animal remains.

6. We can explore different types of soils that help our daily lives.

7. We can record information we gather from exploring soils.

8. Weathering is the process that breaks down Earth’s rocks into smaller and smaller pieces over time.

9. Soils are made up of small pieces of weathered rock.

10. The materials in soil or soil type are different in different areas.

11. The Earth’s surface is constantly changing, which helps for soil.

12. Instructional Vocabulary: weathering, erosion, deposition, minerals, loam

Warning, kids will be encouraged to play in the dirt. The Folsom staff are not responsible for any request for shovels, building a new garden in your back yard, or tracking mud through the house!

Bill Nye The Science Guy on Rocks & Soil (Full Clip)

Social Studies

During this holiday season, students will be learning the importance of a budget and controlling their finances. Students will be challenged to think of ways they can earn money, how to save and budget that money once they earn it, and to look closely at what they are buying to determine if those items are needs or wants. Students will be responsible to apply what they have learned into making a simple budget. They will need to consider spending, saving and even donating. This is a great opportunity for you to involve your child in your budgeting plans and let them help you make purchasing decisions, such as do we really need that new football or Barbie doll? Also, if you are donating at all this season, let them know how that affects your budget.

Need to Know

  • Friday Spirit Wear! Mrs. Donnelly's class has won THREE weeks in a row... I wonder who will win next!!!!

  • Monster Family Reading Night, Tuesday, November 17th from 5:00-7:00pm

Bring your family for fun “Monster-ific” activities ! There will be a book walk, reading time, donation station, and a “monster-ifically” funny skit involving Ms. Jones and Mrs. Spears! You can visit the Monster Book Fair too! Hope to see you there! A more detailed flyer is attached with all of the fun events that are planned :)

  • Book Fair

Students are excited about the book fair! Please communicate with your student when they will be shopping. There are many times to shop the book fair: before school, after school, family reading night, grandparent and special friends day or not at all. It really will help your child know when they are going since everyone will be shopping at a different time.

  • Square One Art

Orders are due Wednesday 11/18. All orders will be in the week before winter break! The deadline to order your keepsakes is next Wednesday, November 18th. There are three ways to order…

  1. The paper order form attached to their custom catalog

  2. Online at

  3. Phone Customer Care at 888-332-3294

  • Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Friday, November 20th 11:00-12:00

Friday before the Thanksgiving break, we open our home (FES) to our grandparents, if they are available, or special friends to come for turkey, dressing and all the holiday trimmings. Guests may also visit the book fair for some holiday shopping. It’s a grand and festive day in the Folsom Community and I hope you extend the invitation to all our grandparents and/or special friends. RSVPs were sent home. Please complete and return with payment by Wednesday, Nov 11th.