1920s Research Project

Melissa Gonzalez Per. 6

1) Red scare: The Sacco and Vanzetti Case

Communism is a political theory made by Karl Marx that eliminates private property. Many people were afraid of it because they had no more privacy. In Marxist teaching, the ideal society would contain no religion, and no individual property.

2) Automobile I: The Life and Times of Henry Ford

Henry Ford created the assembly-line modes of production for the automobile.

3) Automobile II: The New World of Automobility

4) The Mass Media I: Radio

5) The Mass Media II: The Birth of movies and movie stars

6) Changing roles of Women

7) Evolution and the Scopes Trial

8) Fighting Racism

9) Jazz Age I

10) Jazz Age II

11) Painters of the Harlem Renaissance

12) Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

13) Heroes of American Aviation

14) American sports

15) Organized Crime

16) Racism and Nativism in the 20s

17) Immigration Restriction