Amanda Waters

A Colonial Limner

A Little About Me

Have you ever seen beauty in nature? I see it every day. Because of that, I love to paint. Good marrow, I’m Amanda Waters and I am a limner or artist. I have two brothers named Harry and Edwin. I am married to Kris Waters. I also have two children Sara and Adam. I am 24 years old. Everyday I wear my cloak and my hood. My mom sometimes comes over with fresh corn from the fireplace. I live in a house with a very colorful keeping room. I still remember when I was in school I had to wear the Dunce hat everyday. My hand still hurts from painting that beautiful picture. I gave my old New England Primer to my daughter Sara. On Sunday I take my children to the meeting house twice a day. I think that women should be able to vote. Everyday I go out and get water from the well. My daughter has millions of dolls there all around the keeping room! I can still remember everybody yelling huzzah at my wedding. My husband is rich and has 18 horses. My husband is a hatter.

My paintings show portraits of my family and landscapes. I do this for money. I provide a good. This is because I give people paintings that they want in their house.

I learned how to do this by practicing all the time. And then people hired me to paint and saw how good I was.

One of the tools I use is a red sable paintbrush. A red sable paintbrush is a tipped brush used for water color paintings. Another tool I use is a colorbox. I use this to securely transport paintings. I paint on paper, canvas, and small pieces of ivory.