Third Grade News

Final Edition

Mark Your Calendars

Our ABC countdown to summer will be came home last Friday. Make sure to hang on to it. There are some days in which students may have to bring something from home or dress a certain way!

May 6th - Spring Carnival beginning at 4:00pm

May 19th - Bruster's Spirit Night

May 20th - Spring Picnic

May 25th - Last Day of School

Please remember that although Milestones testing is finished we are not done learning. It is still important to be here each day as long as your child is not sick.

Reading Rocks!

Reading is Wonderful Every Day of the Week!

As we prepare for the end of the school year, we will continue to read and review the AKS for the last quarter. We will practice reading passages and answering questions. Each night, students are expected to read 20 minutes per night and document the reading on their reading log.

At the beginning of 3rd grade, we agreed to participate in the 25 Books Campaign Reading Program. Throughout the year, we have read and documented different genres and it’s time to celebrate! On May 10, 2016, we will have our 25 Books Campaign celebration. We will acknowledge students for their achievement of participating in the program. Congratulations to all students who met the goal. We are proud of you!

As our overall 3rd grade experience come to an end, it’s important to discuss summer reading. While it’s great to read during the school year, it’s essential to read in the summer. Did you know reading is wonderful during the summer months too? According to Reading Rockets, research states that students who do not read during the summer months can lose up to three months of reading progress. During the summer, please encourage your child to read, read, read!

Summer Reading Tips

1. READ ~ Read daily and write a short paragraph about the book you read. Please remember to include the setting, characters, problems, and solution. If you are reading a non- fiction book, write five to seven facts about the book you read.

2. LIBRARY Visit ~ Students should take a trip to the library weekly. Please sign up for the local reading summer programs at your neighborhood library.

3. WRITE Weekly ~ In a journal, write about topics that are interesting to you. If you have time, write a letter to a grandparent or friend!

4. COMMUNITY Involvement ~ Locate a place to volunteer or participate in a community project throughout the summer.

Happy reading to everyone and enjoy your summer vacation!

Writing for Success!

We have been reviewing all three genres of writing that we have worked on this year. We will review our end of year writing rubrics and students will be challenged to produce their final narrative pieces; they’ve come full circle! We will then end the year by reading poetry and trying our hand on becoming poets! This will be a great way to work on creative writing and it will be a great opportunity for students to practice reading their own work fluently. Our goal is to have each student publish and illustrate their own books of poetry to take home this summer. These little authors have worked very hard and have grown tremendously as writers this year! Keep on writing this summer. Keeping a diary of fun events, or a travelers journal are great ways to help your child continue to grow as a writer!

On one of those rainy, boring summer days, have your child spin the “Story Starter” on Scholastic’s website to create a fun story! Remember, all plays (and movies) begin as scripts! ;-)

Grammar Rocks!

Review, review, REVIEW! We will continue to review the skills that we have worked on throughout the year. We will focus on possessive versus plural nouns, using commas correctly, and coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Be sure to check out our eClass page for links to some great resources for review. We will also try to squeeze in a few mentor sentences as well as some Mountain Language for review. A fun way to review is to have your child diagram a sentence on occasion. If you allow them to do it using white boards and dry erase markers it will be much more fun! You can always do it outside using sidewalk chalk if you’re feeling super adventurous!

Math Corner

We will be finishing up measurement in the next couple of weeks. Students have been introduced to all of the following skills already: perimeter, measuring to the nearest 1/2 and 1/4 inch, estimating mass and volume, as well as solving word problems that contain units of measure. We will review all of the skills next week and test on May 10th. After we finish that unit, we will be working on some math projects in class that utilize math skills from the whole year. I challenge you all to use math this summer as often as you can. Count the elapsed time for a road trip; estimate the cost of a grocery trip; find places to use multiplication or division. Please continue to work on multiplication facts! These are so important to future math success!

Social Studies Update!

Our Economics unit has started. We have a few more lessons to go through, an open book quiz and a summative grade. The students will begin to receive “Cougar Bucks” on Monday May 2nd. Cougar Bucks will be received daily based on compliments and positive points. They can also lose “Cougar Bucks” based on behavior etc. The Cougar Bucks will be stored at school and used at the School Store which will open on Friday May 20th. The students will have the opportunity to have a real-world application of economics! As a reminder, the School Store parent letter will come home on Monday May 2nd and it’s due back on Monday May 9th. Please sign and list the good or service your child will be doing/bringing and don’t forget to check the bottom as to whether your child can or cannot purchase food from the stores.

Word Study

We are continuing working on the suffixes in unit 4 of our word study book. The next suffixes are;

-er meaning more

-est meaning most

-ly in a certain way or manner

Then we will review and test over unit 4 after spring break.

The final three lessons introduce roots for numbers from 1-3: uni-(1), bi- (2), tri-(3). These number roots most often occur at the beginning of the word. The final test on all three roots will be next week.