District: Fla teacher suspended

Forced Jehovah's Witness to pledge to flag back in class

Author: Associated Press

Published on November 7th, 2013.  A Florida fourth-grade teacher has returned to the classroom after a suspension for requiring a Jehovah's Witness to participate in the Pledge of Allegence on 9/11.  District officials say the student and his parents complained the teacher physically forced the student to put his hand on his heart during the pledge.  Their religion prohibits them from saluting to the flag.


Why This Article Is Interesting

This article is interesting because it proves that teachers cannot control students in any phyiscal or emotional way, shape or form.   It is also interesting because it demonstrates the consequences for teachers should they ever harm a student.

White Oak Student: Rebecca Turner

I made this for Career Management class after researching one article.

Article's Link to Careers

This article links to careers because people should know the consequences for abusing children.

Two New Facts I Learned From This Article Are...

1.) Teachers cannot force students to do the Pledge of Allegence if their religion prohibits it.  2.) There are severe reproccusions for every action committed against a student by a teacher.