The Hunger Games

A fight for survival

The Hunger Games

  • The Hunger Games are starting.Before it starts Peeta and Katniss'es trainer Cinna pumps they up. Peeta and Katniss Everdeen must survive they rush for weapons at the start but Peeta does not because he has a plan Katniss and Peeta are in district 21 which means they have to work together to win through evil demon dogs and fire,flames,storms and crazy un imageable things but they fight it off one by one Peeta also gets inured in the making but it go's a little bit like this...3...2...1"GO!"Katniss is running for a weapon in the middle so are all the other players,bells go off every time a player...cant play any longer."RING"...5 seconds later"RING"it is a massacre"OH NO"Katniss doges the blade coming at her grabs a bow and runs into the dank forest where Peeta went at the start.many players of many districts did not make it to even last one minute.But Peeta and Katniss from district 21 have made it in the forest"RING"go's another bell from the middle massacre while Katniss is running.Katniss finds a climbable tree and moves up the tree for a place to rest for the night.Thousands of people are watching threw the television screen's. Katniss and Peeta are determined to win"RING"suddenly Peeta runs into Katniss,fire breaks lose and Katniss jumps down"RING"RING"RING"the district 21 is making a fast move the jump into water and are eventually safe,there are five players left says the announcer so they bring out the.the.demon dogs"..."Peeta and Katniss think fast and jump on top of a crashed plane the dogs cant get up but the other players are on fighting one falls off"RING"then its the two districts one of the district members get to close and is pulled down by the dog.Then its Peeta and Katniss along with another Peeta almost falls off but he jumps at the last person he stays on they are tusseling Katniss try's for a good bow shot she aims aims shoots and SCORES!The other district member falls.They think they won but then the annoncers say they have to fight to the death but after all they have been through they don't and instead they eat poisonous berries on 3 2 STOP says the annoncer FINE YOU BOTH WIN*because they need a winner*and Peeta and Katniss live nice,and happy for now...

Katniss,pedia,and katniss'es mental trainer haymitch

Here's An Idea!

Dear Nick, I would like help I am currently stuck in a tree surrounded. What should I do?Dear Katniss I think you should try to jump in a pit of leaves some where when it is night and you can take you'r chances.AND RUN! Thanks for asking me of all people to solve this problem.

That Wasn't Nice!

Katniss was almost starved because people tried to hurt her and she went in a tree and they tried to wait her out so she has to come down for food sooner or later,this was not a nice thing to do and at this part i was mad that they did this. I hope Katniss feels better but she does.

Nicholas Frittelli

My favorite part was when the people from the other district were fighting on top of the car and the dogs were trying to get one of them at the same time. My least favorite part was when they tried to starve Katniss out of the tree I was afraid for Katniss. I would like for all of you to read this book I think it has action, romance, and over all a good story.