Rosa Smith Eigenmann

by Alexandra Bruce

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Rosa Smith Eigenmann was born on October 7, 1858. She was born in Monmouth IL. She was born into a family with 9 kids, she was the youngest child. As a young woman she found little, pink, blind fish, six or seven inches long. When she was in her late teens she moved to Illinois to start a newspaper. She wasn't doing very well and decided to return to California, she settled in San Diego in 1876. Rosa attended a five week course in a business collage, she was one of the only two woman attending that school.

Her Marriage

While she was studying in India she meat Carl Eeigenmann. Rosa married Carl at the age 28, They got married in San Diego. Right after the marriage the went to study at Harvard University together. there Rosa became the first woman to attend graduate-classes at Harvard.Latter on they had 5 kids, Lucretia Margaretha Eigenmann, Charlotte Elizabeth Eigenmann, Theodore Smith Eigenmann, Adele Rosa (Eigenmann) Eiler, Thora Marie Eigenmann.

Her Finding Of Fish

In the rocky caves beneath San Diego's school lived little, pink, blind fish, six or seven inches long. After that it lead her to about 150 different types of fish.

My Thought On Rosa Smith Eiganmann

Without her we might not have found those different species of fish. She was the first woman to became a Ichthyologist, and that shows woman to try there best on whatever you want to do because nothing is impossible. She is a great and amazing woman a total deserves the credit that she got.