Large Passengers By: Jacqueline W.

Should larger passengers buy two airplane tickets?

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Two seats are more comfortable to larger passengers than one seat would be.

*The obese passenger and the normal passenger that are sitting beside each other are touching shoulders and that would be a bother.*The hand rests beside the obese passengers on the airplane would make obese passengers very uncomfortable because it is very tight.*When obese passenger tries to buckle their seatbelt it is really too tight.*When an obese passenger tries to get up it would be very uncomfortable and tiring to have to squeeze out of the one seat.

When other passengers sit next to larger passengers it is a burden.

*A document by Lee Morgan and Mark Duell states that Arthur Berkowitz who was 52 had to stand up for seven hours on a U.S. Airways flight because of an obese man that covered half of his seat.*When an obese passenger tries to rest, it would be very hard because they do not want to snooze on the person next to them.*An exchange student on the flight was also effected by the obese man because he was pinned against the window.*If the obese passenger wants to spread out he can not because the other passenger is in the way.

Larger passengers would be safer with two seats, not one.

*To be safe the airplane seatbelts have to be secure but if obese passengers sit in only one seat then the seatbelt would not be secure causing obese passengers to not be safe.*Also in order to be safe you have to make sure the backrest can move freely up and down and so if the obese passengers were sitting in only one seat the backrest wouldn't move freely up and down.*If an obese passenger does get two seats they get safely set up because other people will fasten the obese passengers by slotting the belt tip of the seat into the plug of the next which is going to stretch over two seats.

So obese people should pay for two airplane seats!!!