Vision Statement

My Vision of Education + Technology + Math

By Samantha Wilken Klersy

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Why I integrate Technology to Help Students Learn

My main purpose is to help students become digitally proficient in and out of the classroom and to see the value in self expression and self thought within the context of a Math classroom not for a test or project but for life long learning and innovation.

My Wordle

My original brainstorm on what my vision of learning and technology should look like.
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Thoughts along the way

Using all the words and ideas to teach and allow students to experience technology in ways that will benefit their learning.

To go beyond just substitution of pencils and paper for computers and tablets, and to teach students to express themselves and publish their work to connect with others and collaborate together.

Technology in Education: A Future Classroom
I like how this video doesn't focus just on the technology (although it is very exciting and engaging) but rather how it is focusing on actual student learning and pedagogy.

My Final Vision

Teaching in an online classroom, one could think that I have reached my goal of integrating technology and math into the classroom, but the mode of delivery alone is not enough to create the change I want to see in a child's education. Students may have an easier time becoming proficient with technology because it used more consistently, but those tools are not always aligned with the correct pedagogy for designing a perfect learning environment.

The tools, projects, and values I instill in my students is what will create the innovative collaborative thinkers that I aim to educate are far more important. The tools I use to get there are helpful and valuable, but it's the pedagogy and teaching that must come first. The tools can only act as a support system.

I will continue to focus on students creating and sharing projects and ideas using technological tools both old and new. My students will learn to think for themselves to support the life they want for themselves and for others around them.