Nonnormative Life Event

Summer 1992

Layoff of a father of 3 children

During the summer of 1992 my father was laid off from his job as maintenance employee at the Tyvek manufacturing company he had worked at for 7 years. At the time my mother did not work and my father was the sole financial provider for our family.

This disrupted the normal life trajectory of being gainfully employed and being able to provide for ones family. However, the United States was going through a pretty tough recession in the 1990's and many people were laid off especially from service and manufacturing (blue-collar) type of work.

History-Graded Influence

This nonnormative life event was influenced by the history of the 1990's and the decades that preceded it.

Family Uses Food Stamps to Get Buy- Dad takes a job as burger flipper

This was the 11th recession post World War 2- Caused high unemployment and when the recession was over jobs did not bounce back quickly