Paddle Board – getting started

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Board – getting started

How is it that you spend a day at the beach? Go canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, or simply lay back and relax by the beach. With Paddle Boarding hitting the United States water sport arena these things have become out-of-date. Stand up paddle boarding / SUP is a grand fresh sport in which one must stand erect on the surf board for propelling ahead. Even though having its heredity in Polynesian cultures this sport it is currently gaining recognition among people across the world and happens to be a familiar activity in beaches of Thailand. You are either able to paddle in oceans in Ocean Kayak, rivers, lakes, and also mangrove forests. Getting to know the sport is trouble-free also. All that you are required doing is purchasing a paddle board, paddle, PDF, as well as suitable clothing.

Paddle Board

A couple of factors are there that establish the quality of paddle boards, namely stability, as well as volume. Diminutive paddle boards are excellent for those wanting to paddle rivers, lakes, or any water body that is calm. However for going ocean paddling, long boards/ Ocean Kayaks happen to be a supreme choice. The span of such boards does aid in propelling ahead and hence are excellent for extended distances. These could be tricky to carry and stock up. One must opt for the lengthier ones provided that they are able to carry them at ease.


Paddles vary in their usage and you are able to pick one which suits your requirement. There happen to be ones for the racing, the waves, along with those that are usable for waves as well as flat water. While trying to find paddles for the waves, one is able to utilize a small blade paddle which drags less at the time of paddling. And those trying to get one for racing must ensure that they opt for a lengthy and slender blade to haul more and acquire more energy.


According to United States Coast Guard regulations one has to be having the PDF on while paddle boarding.

Defensive Gear

You would not like to steer through chilly water and get hypothermia by not having wet/dry suits on. However in the event of you paddle boarding in balmy waters, shorts and a little sun guard cream is sufficient.

Starting off is not a problem. There are limitless websites which aid people in learning the essentials of the sport. There are also numerous websites where you can get Paddleboards for Sale.