My Digital Dossier

My digital tree of an imprint

Baby Era

My Birth

It all starts with ultrasound pictures kept at home and in the hospital files.

Baby pictures

Who doesn't have baby pictures? Whether it's your first step or just you in a blanket, chances are, there are copies of them on your parents computers.

First Computer Access

Digital School

I believe it was in grade 1, we had our first computer class. But it would be at least a year before we strayed from the path of "Millie's Math House", or "Sammy's Science House".


Computer Work

Eventually, we had to start doing work in computer class. It was very disappointing. I liked Sammy's Science House.


A Step Up From The House Games

By the way of media, I found out about video games. I was obsessed with the intense concentration and skill required to master these games.

Even More Work

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