Cyber Bullying!!

What you need to know & how you can tackle the situation!

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is said to be "the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature."

So in other words, an individual/ group of people sending messages online which might cause you to feel upset, angry, alone, defenceless etc... All the negative emotions you can ever think of.

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Different forms of cyber bullying

- Harassing/ offending someone: using online websites to threaten or embarrass the victim.

For example: spread rumours/threats/embarrassing information.

- Impersonating someone: using the victim's screen name and using it to post hurtful remarks while pretending to be the victim.

For example: posting as the victim and conversing with another in a bad manner (being mean, saying offensive things)

- Using photographs: threatening the victim to share photos which are inappropriate a.k.a nudes, degrading pictures etc.

For example: using an inappropriate picture to blackmail the victim.

- Developing a website about the victim: making a website with humiliating and insulting information about the victim.

For example: making a website sharing rude, embarrassing information which might or might not be true.

- Using video clips: Using a video recording device to film a bullying incident a.k.a someone slapping, hitting, punching, hurting the victim.

For example: Publishing that video clip online (YouTube or other forms of media) for a larger audience to see the incident.

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Are you a victim?

If you say yes to the following points then you might be a victim of cyber bulling:

- Do you avoid going on social medias/reading texts?

- If others ask about your online activity, do you feel upset or anxious?

- Become paranoid or anxious when you get a text message/messages/emails?

- Having thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself because you think this would be an easy way out?

- Are you avoiding school?

- Becoming more isolated and losing friends?

- See any changes in sleeping and eating habits?

- Grades going down or falling behind on school work, chores etc?

- Start to lose interest in social activities?

- Feeling: neglected, anxious, depressed, hopeless, unsafe and any type of negative emotions.

Do's and Dont's!

Here are some do's and dont's if you are a victim of cyber bullying (remember it is okay to say something about this because you are not alone):


- Tell someone you trust: this will give you great support and you'll always know they've got your back

- If you are not ready to tell the people you trust, theres always a hotline where you will be transferred to staffs who can help you with your situation anonymously

- Save some evidence: screenshot the harassing messages so you have evidence that a certain individual has been bullying you

- Block: you can chose to block people on social medias and even on your phone

- Report the problem: sites like Facebook has a feature where you can report someone if they've abused you


- Don't be afraid to speak to someone about this issue, it occurs in many schools and you shouldn't feel ashamed about it

- Don't reply: The bully will be expecting a response or reaction from you, this will give him even more power and the situation will certainly escalate. Be the bigger person and don't reply, it is likely that the bully will get bored and leave you alone.

- Don't isolate yourself: this will cause damage to yourself as well as everyone who cares about you i.e your family and friends.