June Scoop

News from Room 5


It's hard to believe June is already here. As I look back over this year, I have witnessed your children grow academically and socially; they already look like 3rd graders! It's the unique qualities, personalities and enthusiasm for learning that has made Room 5 such a thriving environment for your children to feel safe to push their limits and be themselves with me. In the beginning I was just getting to know your children and now I know them well. I am so fortunate to have caring and responsive parents who truly support our classroom; your children thrive because we connect as a family network. I realize why I chose teaching as a career. It's because of you and especially my students! There is no greater gift than knowing the impact one has made on a child's future. I love them to bits and have to send them off to the next 3rd grade nest.

Your children did a fabulous job working with the North Coast Repertory Theater in producing an anti-bullying play. Each 2nd grade class worked with a director from the theater, one time a week for a 1/2 hour (6 weeks total). Students learned many aspects of the performing arts. As a class, they wrote the play, created characters and scenes, and learned to project their voices on stage. Fredricka, the director, accomplished a lot in a short period of time. This interactive play was presented to the Kindergarten classes which allowed them to share their feelings about bullying with sad & happy sided masks they created. I encourage students who enjoyed this workshop to attend the summer camps offered at the North Coast Repertory Theater.

We are now into full swing with field trips. First, Ruben H. Fleet Space Theater, then Legoland and now the San Diego Zoo. The best is left for last. Legoland was fun-filled with rides, lego car building & racing (a forces & motion lesson), and just a day to take in a popular San Diego attraction. The park was not too crowded and the weather was perfect. The San Diego Zoo trip is on Friday, June 7th and just like the Legoland trip, remember to pack your child a sack lunch labeled with name (Please pack in a bag that can be tossed; parents have to carry these around). Also apply sunscreen and wear comfortable shoes.

Our final performance is our Poetry Party scheduled for Tuesday, June 11th @ 11 a.m. It is in Room 5. Have your child dress nicely in a dress, skirt/blouse, nice jeans or slacks & nice shirt. Please join your child for a picnic lunch near the garden. I suggest you pack a lunch for the family and make it extra special for them. If families can bring some kind of easy dessert to share(cookies, bars, strawberries,...) that would be great! Brink a blanket too!

Out last day of school is Thursday, June 13th @ 12:05 p.m. We will celebrate with our annual 2nd grade luau. Students should come dressed in hawaiian attire. Students will participate in hula dancing, a limbo contest, pass the coconut game,...We will also take the time to autograph and sign yearbooks. This is such a special last day for them.

Focus Areas for this Month

•Language Arts: We are now into Unit 6 with the theme, "The World Around Us". This theme involves different types of animal habitats, weather and natural resources. Comprehension skills will include author's purpose (persuade, inform or entertain), key ideas & details, comparing & contrasting, analyzing text structure, monitoring comprehension, and identifying the problem and solution. As your child reads at home, they can be practicing those skills. Grammar skills include adjectives, use of articles a/an, synonyms & antonyms, adjectives that compare, and adverbs. We will be practicing these skills in centers and through creative lessons.

•Math: This month we are spending time on word problems and common core problems. Students are learning to develop multiple strategies for problem solving that include numbers, words, and pictures. An answer should not only be expressed as an an algorithm. Several students completed their imovies on measurement in the garden and made conversions from inches to centimeters of self-selected items (garden trowel, sunflower, raised bed,...)

•Writing Development: Students are working on their poetry books. They are being exposed to a variety of poetry types including cinquain, haiku, color and bio poems.

•Science: Rocks & Minerals; We are now into GLAD rotations. Our classes are rotating from one 2nd grade class to another to learn about specific topics. My lessons is about the Earth's Layers (Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle & Crust including its resources).

•Cooking/Gardening: To the student's disappointment, cooking is now over; they were hoping for another session, but we just can fit it in the time we have left. Students continue to visit the garden on Thursday with Mrs. A. This will occur up until the end of the year.

June Jubilee

Speeches, Up-coming Dates, Thank Yous, Wish List

Speech Topics

No speeches for the month of June.

Pyramid of Success Character Trait for May:

Last month, Alex Svinterud was honored with the Pyramid of Success award for "Team Spirit". Our last character trait is "Confidence".

Special Dates

June 4 3rd Grade Play 11-12 p.m. (Our class is attending this performance)

June 4 3rd Grade Play 11-12 p.m.

June 4 3rd Grade Ply 7-8 p.m.

June 7 Zoo Field Trip

June 7 Parent Volunteer Tea @ 1:30-2:00 a.m. & Parent Recognition @ Friday Assembly, 2:15 p.m.

June 11@ 11 a.m. Poetry Party End of the Year presentation & Family lunch picnic to follow

June 11 Classified Appreciation

June 13 Annual 2nd Grade Luau

June 13 Last Day of School (1/2 day; 12:05 dismissal)

Special Thank You's

• A big thank you to all my parent chaperones who went on our Legoland Field Trip (Mr. & Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Ramos, Mrs. Wolkon, Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Lyons, Mr. Granholm & Miss Murray)

•A bear hug to those chaperoning for the zoo field trip: Mrs. Trezza, Mrs. Granholm, Mrs. Ramos, Mr. Phillips & Miss Murray.

•I appreciate all our parents in doing what you can in your individual ways!

Wish List for the Classroom

1. Little prizes for our Treasure Chest

2. Board Games: Yatzee, Headbandz. Battleship, Scrabble, Monopoly

Legoland Field Trip