Barclay Bulletin

December 19, 2021

Parent Drop-Off

Traffic has increased in the past week at arrival time. We are looping cars around our visitor parking spots as well as staging cars across the street when our lot fills up. Student Drop-off is between 9:00 - 9:15. We will open the doors to the building at 9:00 and the cars at our sidewalk should release students onto the sidewalk side of vehicles. It would be fantastic if we could unload all of the cars at one time and move them away from the building in one wave (similar to our dismissal procedures). Once you are stopped at the sidewalk, you may release students to walk into the building. If you need more time to dismiss, please consider parking in out lot and walking with your student to the sidewalk, or pulling all the way up to the front of our line. This will allow for a continual flow of traffic.

Students should never be released from the line circling our parking spaces. Wait until your vehicle has been moved to the unloading zone (sidewalk).


Mr. Bruno sent information Friday regarding the COVID tests that have been delivered to Brockport from the Monroe County Department of Health. Our distribution plan at Barclay will be to hand them out in our afternoon student pick-up line. I will visit each vehicle and ask if you would like the tests for your student(s). If so, you will receive the appropriate number of tests for your family. The process will be similar at Ginther and Hill, so if you picked up the kits for your students at one location, just let me know.

The kits are rapid antigen tests, similar to what you can buy over the counter.

If you do not need or want the tests, let me know and I will move on to the next vehicle. The plan is for this to be done outside of our regular check in procedure, so Mrs. Reyes will check you into our dismissal system at a different time.

If you are unable to get them at dismissal time, there is an after-hours pick up at our Technology and Training Center (TTC) directly across from the school. This will run from 4 - 6 pm Monday and Tuesday. If you have questions related to the rapid test distribution you may contact me at:

or email or office staff at:

Daily Health Screening

Please remember to fill out the Daily Health Screening for each student before 8:15 am!

Holiday Spirit

I have received some questions related to Spirit Dress Days. We had a separate calendar for December that we put out to Barclay Staff to enjoy the entire month, which some teachers extended to their classrooms. This is the reason we have not advertised these specific dress days for the upcoming week. I'm not opposed to students coming to school with any of the following themes, but I didn't want there to be confusion if something was already communicated by the classroom teacher. Feel free to send students in typical attire, in something that has been communicated from the teacher, or from the days advertised here. I would recommend after tomorrow you just ask the classroom teacher if they have anything specific they have planned for the class. Our goal is to enjoy the week and work hard.

2021 Student Council Holiday Spirit Dress Days

Monday 12/20/21 REINDEER GAMES


Tuesday 12/21/22 SNOW DAY


Wednesday 12/22/21 CANDY CANE DAY


Thursday 12/23/21 FESTIVE SWEATER