President John F. Kennedy

Shane Odom

The Election

-Election of 1960

-Democratic JFK vs. Republican Nixon

-First televised debates

-Television viewers believed Kennedy won while radio listeners believed Nixon won

-Kennedy won with 303 electoral votes to Nixon's 219

-New Frontier was the 1960's a new time for a new and a better life

The Cold War

Kennedy and Vietnam

-Kennedy actively sent troops to Vietnam to fight

-Kennedy was assassinated before making a policy decision


-Bay of Pigs, failed attempt by America to overthrow Castro with an Cuban insurgency force of 1,500

-Cuban Missile Crisis, American spy planes found Soviet nuclear missile sites in Cuba. America was about to attack but the sites were disassembled.


-Berlin Crisis, Kennedy met with Khrushchev in Vienna to keep the USSR from signing a treaty with East Berlin since it would cut off West Berlin and would be viewed as an act of war. As soon as Kennedy returned to America Khrushchev announced a treaty had in fact been signed.

-Construction of the Berlin Wall, divided East and West Berlin, stopped migration from Communist East to free West

Kennedy and Civil Rights

  • -Kennedy was an advocate of social and civil equality
  • -Too busy with the Cold War to really do anything
  • -Executive Order 10925 stated that government contractors could not base any actions against an employee on race
  • -Sent troops to suppress the KKK
  • -Sent troops to protect students at riots at Ole Miss and Alabama University
  • Kennedy's Assassination

  • -Assassinated on November 22, 1963.
  • -Riding in a convertible through Dallas, Texas when a bullet was shot through his head
  • -Lee Harvey Oswald was assumed guilty and arrested
  • -Oswald was killed before his trial came
  • -Kennedy's Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was then sworn in as President aboard the Airforce One