Growth of Japanese Culture

Distinctive Japanese Arts By: Morgan Lewis

Calligraphy and Painting

The Japanese write with brushes and ink, they considered writing a way to express beauty. Calligraphy is Japans art of beautiful writing. Each shape and size is a different meaning. In the 600s, painting with ink on scroll paper began.

Flower Arranging and Gardening

Another tradition that the Buddhists brought to Japan was flower arranging. One of the things they did was grow Bonsai trees. Bonsai trees are mini trees or shrubs grown in a pot or tray. They also would have Zen Gardens. They help people think quietly. The Zen Gardens were usually arranged with rocks, pathways and some trees and flowers. Gardening and arranging flowers are still important in Japan today.
Japanese Calligraphy "Faith"

How did Japanese culture reflect an interest in natural beauty?