MARCH 15: Student instruction & support updates

Dear Parents, Caregivers & Staff

I want to take this opportunity to update you regarding the state-wide closing of schools announced on Friday, March 13. We have learned that at this time, the school closures are extended through March 27, 2020.

During the closure, it is our goal to continue offering child nutrition opportunities in our school community, deliver quality instruction through non-traditional avenues and provide student support services.

Beginning Monday, March 16th, our faculty and staff will report to work to support the health, care and education of our students. Let me share with you some specifics related to these goals.


I am very passionate about students reading on their own and reading with parents/caregivers. This is a great opportunity for me to encourage our students to stretch their minds and grow their vocabulary by exploring a new book of their choice.


Berkeley County Schools staff will meet families curbside at these locations so you can pickup a lunch and breakfast from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Food handling instructions will be included. As the week continues, more program details and additional location updates will be provided.

If your student receives benefits from local backpack programs, our staff will reach out to your family.

If your student requires a special diet accommodation, please call Child Nutrition & Wellness to make arrangements before 4p.m. of the day prior to pickup at: 304-267-3510 ext 76004.

All persons involved in the packing and delivery of student meals will be screened by a healthcare worker on a daily basis.


If your child has medication at school, please make plans to pick it up on Monday, March 16, 2020, if possible. If you are unable to pick up the medication, please contact your child's school to make other arrangements.


During the week, your student's school will communicate with you and your student regarding access to remote learning activities.

You can also visit your school website homepage and/or click the digital resources icon for school specific platforms and activities students utilize on a regular basis in the classroom.

Additional resources found on the district website can be accessed at: http://berkeleycountyschools.org/lessonresources

For our students receiving special education services, we are working to meet accommodations outlined in the student IEP.


If your child has an electronic device at school, we will be providing direction for how you may pick it up. Stay tuned.


All school sponsored activities/events at the school or in the community, are cancelled until schools are back in session. This includes practices and community events scheduled in the buildings.


Stay connected with us. We will continue to provide updates and timely information through NTouch messages, website and social media.





To ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date information and resources, please check in directly with our website and social media sites regularly.

I ask that you remember our focus is the protection of our community as a whole. Our staff is committed to flexibility and adaptability as we work to provide a positive learning experience while our country faces this pandemic. As citizens of this great nation it is our patriotic duty to help in any way we can to protect our families, friends, neighbors and community.

Be well, stay safe

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Patrick K. Murphy, Superintendent of Schools

This communication contains the most current information available at this time: March 15, 2020 at 8 pm.

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