Annie Westerman

All about Erbium!

  • Cost: $650 per kilogram
  • Atomic Mass: 167.26amu
  • Melting Point in degrees Celsius: 1522.0
  • Boiling Point in degrees Celsius: 2510.0
  • Number of Protons: 68
  • Number of Neutrons: 99
  • Number of Electrons: 68
  • Classification: Metal
  • This element belongs to the transitioal metals family


  • It is malleable.
  • It is stable in air and doesn't oxidize as quickly as the other rare-earth metals.
  • It is not a required element in the human body, but recent studies have indicated it might help with metabolism.

More Fun Facts!

  • The origin of Erbium comes from the town Ytterby in Sweden.
  • The year of discovery was in 1843.
  • Carl Gustaf Mosander discovered Erbium
  • The electron configuration for Erbium is Xe 4f12 6s2