By: Will H.

Description of Biome

  • An ocean is a body of salt water that composes much of Earth.
  • The ocean is on every coastline of every continent.
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Abiotic Factors

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Biotic Factors

  • The main species of plant found in the ocean is seaweed because it lives close to the surface of the ocean.
  • Animal found living on the ocean floor are large tube worms and crabs that live around deep sea vents.


  • Primary Producer: Phytoplankton
  • 1st Consumer: Zooplankton
  • 2nd Consumer: Shrimp
  • 3rd Consumer: Squid


Living on the Ocean Floor

Importance of Biome

  • The ocean provides a habitat for many unique creatures.
  • The ocean produces more than half of the world's oxygen.
  • The oceans absorb the most carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere.

Human Impacts on Biome

  • The majority of companies dump sewage, oil, and waste into the ocean causing many organisms to die because of it.
  • The biggest source of pollution is runoff from many cities on the coastline
  • Overfishing