The Author Gary Paulsen

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The Summary

The summary is about this kid named Brian and he is being asked to go to the wild for about two months again. Then Brian is willying to risk this for other people so they could survive when they are in this suitiation. Then Brians mother has told him he had to bring supplies and a radio so he tells Derek to leave the supplies because it wouldnt be the same like he did it before. Then he has found a camp spot and he has food and supplies and then Brian says he feels like it is gonna rain. Then he heard thunder and it hit Derek and he was in a coma. Then Its up to Brian to save him and bring him to the camp and save him. Then he sees some beavers and then he made a raft and tied them together and then they were on there way to the camp. Then Brian had tried to give him water but he would choke on it and die but Brian thought about it and didnt do that. Then after that its been about a day since Brian has fell asleep and he was seeing allusions and then after the second day. Then Brian has heard a water fall then they have hit a rock and went down the waterfall. Then Brian woke up and the raft was gone and Brian knew Derek was on it so he had to save him so Brian takes his shoes of and swims for the raft and when he reaches the raft Derek is fully awake and has a brand new paddle.

The setting is in the woods.

The authors background information is that he made the book the Hatchet Day song Brian s winter and there are tons more that he published and made. The authors connection to the book is that he made it because it has tons of action and adventure.

The characters

Brian- is a smart athletic boy Derek- is a Psycologolist Mom- Brian's mom and cares for him alot. The protagonist of the story is Brian because he is told from the government to go back to the woods with Derek and he will take notes on how he will survive. The Antagonist is Derek he is a Psycologolist and he with Brian he has been taking notes on how Brian has survived the wild for 2 months. The other characters are Brian's mom and she cares all about Brian she has told Brian to take the supplies but Brian refused and began to survive the wild.

Related information

The other books the author has read is the book Hatchet and Brian's winter the other books are woods runner and the winter room and there are many more. The additional book recommendations are related to the river are The Hatchet characters are Brian a thirteen year old boy. The other book recommendations are the Wild River and it is about a 12 year old boy and is on a camping trip and is the most frighting day of his life. The other recommendations are the book River Thunder is is about a group that went to Colorado River and they have big problems making it threw the river which Troy stands up to be a team player.

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Personal recommendation

I think the book was great how it started with a boy named Brian and he has been asked to go back to the wild. I would recommend people should read this because it might interest them in the adventure and action in the woods. I would also recommend that people that like to camp and like survival tips and ideas i would read this book. I would also recommend this book also because it has great characters and adventures they do to save each other. I would also recommend it also because it has amazing places where the story takes place like the woods.