Alternative Tours in Malaysia

off the beaten track and hidden gems tours

Here are a list of alternative tours in Malaysia. These experiences takes you off the organised tours, where tour buses floods the place. Get to know Malaysia from a different view point.

Food Tour Malaysia


Being adventurers like you, we know it doesn’t hurt to have the right kind of ‘natives’ to lead you to all the little local temples of food for you to pay homage to. Take a tour of real KL food with Food Tour Malaysia.

Pub Crawl Kuala Lumpur

The coolest nightlife, bar hopping and pubcrawl events in Kuala Lumpur!
We visit awesome bars and end the night at a cool club! Get drunk, dance, go crazy and laugh our ass off!!

THAT's a pubcrawl !!

Outdoor Adventure with Open Sky Unlimited

Malaysia holds countless gems of outdoor adventures. Easily under-estimated, even under appreciated, outdoor adventures near KL are easily accessible. Open Sky Unlimited brings you to outdoor adventures that's near but far enough!

We present you the wild jungle side of Malaysia. Beautiful waterfalls hidden in the tropical rainforest to the majestic view from the top of our mountain treks.

Food Walks With Urban Adventures

Kuala Lumpur Urban Adventures offers day tours with a local around Kuala Lumpur. They range from 2 hour to 12 hour adventures and uncover back streets, hidden gems, and fascinating sights. Step into the lives of locals, find out what makes the city tick, and get acquainted with the local food, culture, and traditions of Kuala Lumpur. A local expert guide will provide the knowledge and lead you through a fantastic urban experience

Bicycle Map Project Kuala Lumpur

This initiative aims to provide a bicycle route map for all types of cyclists. It will be a community-build, bicycle route-map project featuring different types of routes for getting in, out, & around Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The map is centred on KL symbolic centre at the meeting of 2 rivers, Sg Gombak & Sg Klang at Masjid Jamek. It covers about 110 square km, with all the key roads connecting the surrounding suburban areas.

I Love Malaysia Heritage Walk

For foreign tourists to have a quick review and brief introduction on early development of Kuala Lumpur. Revisit the past lying beneath its modernity – from how the British – ruled territories were granted independence, down to how Malaysia was formed.

Whoa Adventures - Responsible Travel

WHOA Adventures lists some of the best adventures found in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo. Established around 2004 as a web-based adventure advisory for this tropical country, they are amongst the first organizations to promote responsible adventure travel in Malaysia.

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