Ich Liebe Dich Berlin !

By: Alannah KIng

History: Write a brief history about your destination.

In 1244, This town has been named and became the capital of Prussia. Berlin then became a Major city, known for their guidance in science,music,higher education,etc. World War II took place and destroyed the city by explosive bombs and street fighting. In 1990 in Germany, Berlin became the major city in the country once again after the country had lost their leadership roles.

website www.wikipedia.com

Culture: Write about your destinations culture.

In Berlin, there are many cultures. Here, they celebrate festivals and they also have a Gay Culture as well. There are many museums and art galleries around Berlin. There are also performing arts such as opera houses. There are three popular ones in Berlin.

- The Deutsche Oper

- Berlin State Opera

- Komische Oper

in Berlin, they offer vegan,vegetarian,etc. Here, they are very popular for there many options of food. Here in Berlin, it is one of the cities with the majority of vegan and vegetarian foods.

websites: www.wikipedia.org

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Lodging and Hotel: Where I'll be staying?

Flights: American Airlines

First Flight- Departure - Denver To Chicago = 4 hours 15 minutes

Second Flight- Departure - Chicago To London = 14 hours 55 minutes

Third Flight- Departure - London To Berlin Tengal = 3 hours 15 minutes

Cost: $1844 x2 = $3688

website: www.aa.com

Lodging and Hotel: Where will you be staying?

Hotel Name: Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin

Hotel Price: $106.69 Per Night x4 = $461.32 Total

What does your hotel offer? What does your room look like?



-Pets Allowed

-Fitness center

-Laundry facilities

-rooftop terrace

-WiFi in rooms and public areas

The room looks very nice and clean. It has a big bed,couch,chairs,a desk,a flat screen T.V,big windows,and has alot of space.


Activities/ Site to See: What will you do on your dream vacation? (You can add more than 3 activities)

Activity 1: Friedrichstadt-Palast Show In Berlin

Description: cabaret and acrobatics show

Cost: $83.21

Activity 2: Berlin Zoo And City Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour

Description: Berlin attractions, see camels,sharks,pandas,etc.

Cost: $49.04

Activity 3: Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

Description: 2-3 course dinner

Cost: $26.27

websites: http://www.viator.com/tours/Berlin/Hard-Rock-Cafe-Berlin/d488-2856HRCBER

Problems and Solutions: While traveling a problem may occur, think about those problems and how you would solve them.

Optional: About the traveler. Who are you? Have you ever traveled?