Survivors : A Hidden Enemy

Erin Hunter

About the main character Lucky

Lucky is a gold,white, thick furred, male mutt. In the first book he is a lone dog an till he meets up with his leashed dog liter sister and her friends, they search for food and fresh water. Lucky also teaches the leashed how to hunt. In this book he faces many challenges, he has to be in two packs. His sister convinces to join a real pack to convince the real pack to share their resources. While he becomes higher in the pack his sister plans a secret plan to force the wild pack to share their resources. Bella also hides it from Lucky. When his sister attacks the pack she brings in foxes the (foxes betray her). Lucky secret gets spilled(being part of both packs), he would be moved down to omega.We do not find out if Lucky solves his problem with alpha in this book.

Bits of the Book

This book's genre is FANTASY. As someone who doesn't like to read that much, this book has gotten me more compelled reading. Also this book is part of a six book series, it is the second book out of the Survivors series. I think because this book is fantasy its more compelling.

Miscellaneous Things

My favorite part is when Lucky helps Moon save her pups against the foxes. He acts so brave. What is crazy is that Lucky helps Moon before Fiery does(Fiery is Moon's mate)

The question is will Lucky ever move up in the ranks after the incident? Read the book to find out.


"From the author of the #1 nationally bestselling WARRIORS series"

"Wild and wonderful adventure"


Out of all the books I read in 2015 this book was definitely the best.

It was so compelling and adventurous.

Erin Hunter is so talented in book righting, she has definitely become one of my favorite authors from reading the Survivors books.


Published by Harper Collins Publishers.

Has a four and a half rating on amazon.

142 reviews on amazon.

77% of the people that reviewed SURVIVORS:A Hidden Enemy gave it five stars

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