Events & Announcements - Jan 13 - 17, 2020

IMPORTANT Weekly Announcements

  • Jan 15 - Early Dismissal 12:50 - Breakfast and Lunch will not be served
  • Jan 15 Parent /Teacher Conferences
  • Jan 16 - PTO Meeting 7PM


  • Jan 21 - Bagel Sale
  • Jan 21 - Early Dismissal
  • Jan 21 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Jan 27 - Pallet Painting at Escondidos - see flyer below
  • Jan 29 - 3rd marking period begins
  • Feb 21 - Sweet Heart Dance - see flyer below
  • March 19 - Ladies Night Out - see flyer and order form below

1st Grade News

Great things are happening in first grade! Here is a sneak peek of our day!

In Phonics, we are finishing up solving The Case of the Silent E! Our Detectives have been hard at work for weeks solving cases sent to us by the SSDA. With the help of Rasheed, we have learned how to use different strategies in reading and writing such as decoding words with the silent e, vowel teams, double consonants, contractions and even compound words! We are excited to use our detective skills and all of our new strategies to help us read and write words carefully as we move into Unit 3!

In Reading, we are finishing up our fiction unit by putting all that we’ve learned about stories to retell a story with details! We will soon be moving onto our new nonfiction unit, learning facts about many different nonfiction topics. We will learn all about the different text features of nonfiction and how to use them to better navigate and understand nonfiction text. We can hardly wait to dive into this new reading adventure!

In Math, we will continue to practice our doubles, doubles plus and minus 1, part /part whole and finding the missing parts in various places within the math sentence. We will use our pocket full of strategies to help prove how we found the missing part in a math sentence. We are learning strategies for solving addition and subtraction word problems. We are even learning to write our own word problems to match a number sentence in number corner!

In writing, we are writing and editing our personal narratives. Our small moment stories have shown such improvement especially when we “unfreeze” our characters and add dialogue. Working and editing with our classmates helps us become better writers. In our writing, we get to show off all that we have been working on in Phonics and Reading. We are excited to be moving into our nonfiction writing unit next!

Our new Science Unit, Energy on the Move, kicks off with a focus on Sound and Light. The students will learn how sounds are made, what sound waves are, and be able to create their own sound producing instrument. During the next part of this Unit, the students will be able to “See the Light”. Identifying sources of light, understanding the importance of light, and how bouncing light beams work will all be discussed here as well. It should be an enlightening time of 1st grade!

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Laura Donovan Golf Outing

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Visitor and Item Drop off Information

In keeping with the District's Security Policy, all visitors/volunteers must notify the office prior to their visit. If prior notification is not made, your entry may be delayed as administration approval is required.

  • All visitors must show ID at the front door prior to entry.
  • Visitors will exchange their ID for a FTS Visitor Badge for the duration of their visit.
  • Student items may be dropped off and left in the bin at the main entrance. Items should be labeled with the students name and homeroom teacher.

Early Dismissal Days 12:50 p.m. - No Lunch or Breakfast served

  • January 9
  • January 15
  • January 21
  • February 13
  • March 4
  • April 8
  • May 22
  • June 16,17,18