Obama Student Loan Forgiveness

New and Improved! By: Caroline, Spandana, Leana, and Ashlee

What is the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program?

It's a program the President Obama created to help students pay off their loans for school. It is funded by the US Department of Education.

How did we improve the program?

We improved the program by adding a few requirements. To qualify for a student loan you must:

1)Manage to keep your grades up.

2) Your income must be lower than $40,000 a year.

Also, the program now funds the construction of schools, and educational buildings and structures.

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Who does this program help?

This program helps students that cannot afford their education. Before the improvements, the program only helped disabled citizens. Now it also help low-class citizens that have an income of less than $40,000 a year!

Where will this program apply?

This program is a nation-wide program. It helps all the people of the United States. Since it is a federal relief program and it helps people nation-wide, it may take some applicants longer to be accepted for their loan forgiveness.
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How long will our program need to be in effect to be successful?

We plan on keeping our program in active until our literacy rate goes up. Hopefully, this program will inspire people to continue their education even if they cannot afford it. We estimate around 30 years. (2020-2050)

Why is this program necessary for the federal government to do for its citizens?

We want to help all the people we can by educating our people and giving them a place to learn. If we create this program many people can have a proper education and can prosper in life. All we want is for our country to be wise and educated in the future.
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