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Important Information From Miss Cappuccino and Mr. Zlupko

January 3, 2023

Happy New Year! Mr. Z and I hope each of our students, staff members and families had a wonderful holiday and winter break. It was great welcoming everyone back this morning and seeing so many smiles.

We begin the 2023 year by recognizing our December Citizens of the Month. The month of January is one filled with adjusting back to school routines after a long break, Snipes Farm Nutrition lessons and benchmarking testing.

Citizen of the Month

Congratulations to our December Citizens of the Month! We are so proud of your hard work and perseverance!

This month our Citizen of the Month trait is Teamwork. We are encouraging our students to work together collaboratively and positively with peers this month!

Linkit! Benchmark Testing

Our second round of Linkit! Benchmark testing will take place January 9th - January 13th for students in grades K-5. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of grade level standards at this point in the year for Reading, Math and Science (4th grade only). Students will be taking the benchmarks in class online via the Linkit! platform using their district device.

Teachers will be sharing with you when the students will be taking their benchmarks during the week of January 9th. We strongly encourage you to ensure your child's device is fully charged and ask that your child gets a full night of rest and eats a healthy breakfast.

We are looking forward to seeing the growth of our students from the beginning of the year!

Acadeince Reading Testing

We will administer our Acadience Reading inventory beginning January 17th through January 30th. Acadience Reading is a research-based reading inventory that helps our teachers identify reading strengths and areas to improve to enhance students reading skills. Teachers will use this data to target reading skills during reading instruction and during our WIN (What I Need) block.

We continue to encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes a night!

This Month in Classroom Champions

This month in Classroom Champions, Lex Gillette (K-2) and Kelly Curtis (3-5) will be partnering with our teachers to teach our students about the topic of Teamwork.

Students need a safe space to voice their thoughts and to take risks. They also need to understand the many ways varying perspectives can be beneficial, the importance of helping to create an inclusive and accepting community, and how clear communication can lead to productive and positive group work.

If there's one thing an elite athlete knows, it's how to be an effective member of a team, especially under intense scrutiny and pressure. Use this unit to help solidify the positive classroom culture you've been working so hard to cultivate. With teamwork, you can make dreams work!

This month, Lex and Kelly will teach students that through the development of teamwork skills, they can learn communication tools that help create a great team and strategies to get along with others, including how to resolve conflict in healthy ways.

You can learn more about teamwork and continue the conversation about teamwork at home from Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist, Summer Sanders by clicking the link below.

Please also take a moment to review our Teamwork Family Newsletter!

Parents Make A Different Newsletter

Please take a moment to read January's "Parents Make A Difference" Newsletter.

Important Dates to Know

  • 1/2 - District Closed
  • 1/3 - Citizen of the Month Assembly - Students and Staff Only
  • 1/4 - Student Government Meeting - 8 a.m.
  • 1/5 - PTO Meeting - 6 p.m. Grandview Cafeteria
  • 1/9 - 1/13 - Linkit! Benchmark Testing for grades K-5
  • 1/10 - Snipes Farm Lessons - 4th and 5th Grade
  • 1/11 - Snipes Farm Lessons - Kindergarten and 1st Grade
  • 1/12 - Snipes Farm Lessons - 2nd and 3rd Grade
  • 1/16 - District Closed in Observance of Martin Luther King Day
  • 1/17 - 1/30 - Acadience Reading Testing for grades K-5
  • 1/18 - School Board Agenda / Finance Committee Meeting - 7:30 p.m.
  • 1/19 - PTO Meeting - 6 p.m. Intermediate School Cafeteria
  • 1/20 - Candy Grams Distributed if purchased
  • 1/25 - School Board Meeting - 7:30 p.m.
  • 1/26 - Winter Concert - 6 p.m. - MS/HS Auditorium
  • 1/31 - End of 2nd Quarter; Early Dismissal (11:30 a.m. for all students grades K-5).

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