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Why the Peloponnesian War was fought.

With the defeat of the Athens, Sparta became the most powerful city-state in Greece. For 30 years, the Spartans controlled nearly all of Greece, until other city-states started to resent them. The restatement lead to a period of war. Control of Greece shifted from city-state to city-state. The fighting went for many of years which weakened Greece and left it open for attack from the outside.

How the Peloponnesian War affected Greece.

The Delian League was not the only alliance in Greece. After the Persian War the cities in southern Greece including the Sparta. The declaration of the Peloponnesian war, between Athens and Sparta that threatened to tear Greece apart. In 431 BC the Spartan army marched north to Athens. The Spartans were hoping that Athens would run out of food and surrender.
An Introduction to Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War - A Macat History Analysis
The Peloponnesian War