Andrew jackson poster

by: Sarah Bender

hero or villain

I think Andrew Jackson was a hero and also a villain the reasons I think he was a villain is because he made the Indian tribes leave there land and find new land when he knew they didn't have shoes or blankets, some of the Indians had to carry kids that didn't know how walk while also carrying food and other supplies.

I think he was also a hero because he made them leave there land because he thought they would get killed. another reason is he gave common people and the rich people equal rights.

facts about Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was born on march 15, 1767, in between north Carolina and south Carolina. Jackson joined the military at a young age, he was also a judge, lawyer, representative and also the 7th president. Jackson and his brother were captured by the British, his brother then died. Soon after his brothers death his mother died. At the age of 14 he became an orphan. Andrew Jackson died June 8, 1845.

pictures of andrew jackson