North Star Gazette

By: Audrey and Brecken

Summer Reading Fun!

Click to go to the page on Hamilton East Public Library's Summer Reading Program. Your children have been given small slips containing any basic information you may need.
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Weekend Share

Reading and Writing Workshop

Read it Out! Write it Too!

We have started a reading and writing contest. For the reading portion, We are going to read 25 pages to get a ticket. The tickets then go into a raffle. Every day we will start over. The reading you do at home didn't count during the week, but it does for the weekend. For the writing portion, we will submit our writing to Mrs.Jones and she will decide if we are worthy of getting a ticket for that raffle. For the writing, you are only able to get 1 ticket a day. Mrs. Jones will reward any student who reads or writes over the weekend! Get lost in your reading or writing...NOW!
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Our Last Read Aloud Work- The Power of Un by Nancy Etchemendy

What Would You UN?

Mrs. Jones has been reading the class a book by Nancy E. called the Power of Un. The students have been participating in various activities while going deeper into topics like perspective, prediction, and foreshadowing. Everyone gets a chance to express themselves through many different techniques.
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Examples of Blog Conversations we had about our Read Aloud

Science Inquiry

Our Future Scientists

For science the rest of the school year, we have been working in building/designing our own robots, doing inquiry projects, and testing experiments. We have had lots of freedom in what we do, including the fact that we can completely design our robots.
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Science is Pretty and Fun

Brecken and Lexie explore adding substances as chemical variables. They experimented with the chemical reaction that is created by combining vinegar and baking soda, then added variables. Salt, food coloring, soap. The result was messy, cold and spectacular.


Our class has been working on some pretty amazing robotics projects during class. As VEX returns, we have bee given a little more freedom to explore what we cando with our robots. Students have been learning to program their robots to fit their purposes. We have been exploring themany different oppurtunties within robotics.

Write, Write, and Write Some More!

Currently in writing we have been able to openly explore different genres. At the end of the year, an iBook will be published containing a piece from each student. This has been an exciting experience that Mrs. Jones believes shows her students that writers try out different genres.

Middle School Visits

The East Trip

The kids went on a field trip (as you know), and Brecken took some pictures on the trip to East Middle School. Here are some.

The West Trip

All kids going to west were greeted cheerily by three counselors, Ms. Swan (West's Principal), and students of all grades attending West Middle. We had the exciting opportunity to explore gyms, a cafeteria, classrooms from team Zion, and we even got a peek at a locker. Ask your kids about their tour.

Comforting Tessellations


During math this week we have been working on different types of tessellations. We have learned about many types, including regular, semiregular, and escher. We had the opportunity to use pattern blocks and paper tracing patterns to explore ways to create these.

Exploring Careers

Careers on Wheels was our field trip on Thursday. We traveled around to a station every 20 minutes to learn about a variety of career options we could explore as we grow up. It was sunny, but we got a lot of ideas and met some pretty cool people with careers they love!
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