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The book Bunnicula

The book Bunnicula is a fictional book. It has few characters but very interesting ones. The names of those characters are Mr.Monroe, Mrs.Monroe, Toby, Pete, Chester, Harold, and Bunnicula . Bunnicula is a rabbit that is a vampire. But don't worry he only drinks and bites vegetables.


  • Toby is a book lover he loves to read. Toby is reading a book about pirates.
  • Pete is the older brother of Toby.
  • Mr.Monroe is a teacher and he uses his pet Chester as a volunteer. Mr.Monroe uses Chester to give speeches so if Chester falls asleep Mr.Monroe knows its boring, but if Chester does not fall asleep Mr.Monroe knows it not boring.
  • Mrs.Monroe is the wife of Mr.Monroe and the mother of Toby, and Pete. Mrs.Monroe is also the owner of Chester and Harold..
  • Harold likes to chew on shoes he also has become friends with Bunnicula. Harold is also a hound dog.
  • Chester likes to read books like Horror books and Mystery book he gets very spooked sometimes don`t forget sometimes.
  • Bunnicula sleeps all day but is up all night right now in the story he is very hungry because Chester is starving him Harold is trying to help but must find a way first.

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Some people ask questions before reading the book Bunnicula. Just go on and read it is funny, sad, and happy it has everything. So just go on and buy the book to read the book!
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