Y5 Daily Reflections

By:Aashna Kothari

January 6,2016

I am extremely excited to begin my persuasive essay for our challenge,impact. It also gives me a reason to research about cleft palates,and the problems children with cleft palate face. Also,on all the quick checks that I have completed I am pretty sure that I did well. I hope that I will continue to do the same,not just for tomorrow's quick check, but for all the tests and quick checks that we will have this year. Plus,we have two new students this year and I am pretty excited to get to know them more.

January 7,2016

Today we reviewed fractions and took a fraction quick check. We went to the library and I got four books. Three of them were Percy Jackson books and on of them was Ramona The Brave. I am really excited to read them!

January 8,2016

Today we went to music and we played egbdf,and we also learned a new movement. In math,we talked about financial literacy and in that we learned about,income taxes,sales tax,and federal tax. Then,we graded our fractions quick check and our science matter review. Today was a funky but fun Friday at Lee.

January 11,2016

Today we went to P.E and practiced dribbling,with the hockey sticks and the yarn balls. Then,once we came back to class we read Wonder,honestly I think Wonder is a great book that inspires people to make right choices. We also compared Wonder to Esperanza Rizing in a double bubble map.

January 12

Today in math we played a kahoot on financial literacy and all the vocabulary words. We also watched a funny brain pop on credit cards. Then,in science we got to light a lightbulb,but we were successful only on our third try.

January 13

Today we went to art and worked on our art show art. Then,when we came back we watched a little bit of smile pinki. Then,in math we made our own budget by writing our incomes and budgets. In science we learned about magnetism and we did a work sheet on it too. Today was a "Wacky Wednesday" here at Lee.

January 15

Today we had a spirit rally regarding the end of the second nine weeks at school. We took a reading test and as usual and a spelling test too. In math we checked our homework,our worksheet from yesterday,and we got to work on our budget project. Today was a fun but funky Friday at Lee. (I didn't write my reflection yesterday in case you are wondering)

January 19

Today we worked on drama elements and had to practice answering drama questions.

In social studies we had to work on our social studies menu. In math we worked on our budget project and in science we reviewed matter,since we have a science test with eighteen questions tomorrow. Tomorrow we have three tests,two maths and one science

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day so we didn't have school.

January 25

Today we took our MOY test for writing. Then we talked about the elements of plot and how that applies to wonder. In math as usual we talked about metric and customary units,then we played would you rather. In science we got to play with makey makey and use circuits and wire to power something. Today was an awesome day.

January 26

Today in ELA we did reading rotations as usual. Then in math we played would you rather and in science we took notes about different types of circuits. They include an open circuit,a closed circuit,a parallel circuit and a series circuit. Today we also watched the smile train video our class had made and it was really good. Today was a Terrific Tuesday here at Lee.

January 27

Today in math we talked about the metric system and how their just prefixes based on units of ten.Ms.Pjetrovic mailed our letters to her friends and we got our two hundred and fifty dollars for smile train. Now we get to change a child's life and soon the smile train office will send us pictures of who's life we changed. We also learned that our Smile Train video we made would be showcased on Smile Train's website. We are also having a cookie bake sale next week on January tenth. All proceeds go to Smile Train,in case you are wondering. Today we skipped science to make our Smile Train funding page. Plus,people made flyers on pic collage that are to be sent,via peach jar for the whole school to see. We can hardly wait for the results to start rolling in. I believe that we have impacted somebody's life. Today was a wacky but "Wonder"ful Wednesday. By the way "Wonder" is an excellent book. It is very touching and at times it can truly reach out to you.

January 28

Today I worked on thank you letters to give to people that supported our cause.

We also worked on posters to hang up so that people know about our Cookie Sale. In math we talked about the metric system and in science we had some STAAR practice questions about circuits.Today is PLC . Today was a Terrific Thursday

January 29

Today we got enough money from the fundraiser for two children's surgery.

We had a reading test and a spelling test. We finished our Smile Train posters and we did numberless math problems. Today was a funky but fun Friday. P.S. I gave everybody cookies for my birthday.In science we taught kinder about energy and showed them how to create cool sounds with Makey Makey.

February 1

Today in ELA we took the ISIP and then after that we worked on our CBL. I was in charge of sending thank you notes to everybody that supposed our cause. Then in math I worked on our measurement menu and then I took the measurement review for our test tomorrow. Then in science we talked about reflection and refraction.

Febuary 2

Today we worked on CBL and my group was in charge of sending emails to Mrs.Kastrounis. Then in math we took a measurement test and I did pretty well. In science we talked about prisms and how light gets reflected.

February 3

Today we had the geography bee and I didn't win. I got out in the fifth round but that's okay. Then in math we had some perimeter and area questions. In science we had a worksheet and once we were finished we got to go on brain pop aand watch videos.

February 8

Today we did Istation and then we worked on decorating bags for our cookie sale. Then in math we completed the assignment we were assigned and in science we had a worksheet. In like fifteen minutes we have a book fair preview. Today was a magnificent Monday at Lee

February 10

Today we had our cookie sale. I was so excited and I couldn't wait at all. I was selling at blue house and I would be giving out the cookies. Then when it was time I went in the elevator with all the supplies including the money jar,the five blue markers,a table,and of course the cookies. Blue House was okay but it raised on seventy seven dollars. I donated five dollars and only wanted one cookie. Today was a fun day.

February 11

Today in the morning I helped count the total amount of money that we earned. Then I got to write thank you emails to people that donated. Then I took down our Smile Train posters with Neha Patel. Then in math we worked on our geometry project.

February 17

Today in math we talked about the different types of triangles. Isosceles,Equilateral and Scalene. In science we talked about the carbon cycle. Today was a Wacky Wednesday here at Lee. There was no school on Monday. Yesterday we took a perimeter,area and volume test.

February 22

Today in school we read wonder and we talked about non fiction text features.

In math we just had warm up questions as well as science.

We had a science test today.

May 5

Today was a great day.

In science we had a worksheet

In math we had an integer worksheet

We also did Istation

We took a discovery education quiz and we did tci as well science STAAR is in 6 days