VCR #3

Amelia Johnson-Post

Shakespere envisioned Julius Caesar as a ____________ who rallied his people through a common man's passions.

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n. A leader or agitator who appeals to people's passions and prejudices rather than their reason.
In ancient times, a demagogue was an orator who appealed to the common man. Now it is most often associated with politicians trying to gain popularity by appealing to the problems different groups of people.

Can also be demagogic, adj., or demagogy, which is the practice of being a demagogue.


Greek demos, meaning people, and apogos, meaning leading
The word arose in Ancient Rome and Greece, as the first demagogues arose from the newly formed democracies.


  • rabble-rouser
  • incendiary
  • instigator
  • agitator
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  • tranquilizer
  • logical
  • referee
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Choose the incorrect usage in the word in bold

1.Through many demagogic speeches, Hitler was able to build an empire on prejudices.
2. Many politicians are demagogues and rally people with incendiary beliefs.
3. Most rebellions begin with a demagogue, and because of this, are not always reasonable.
4. The detailed demagogy allowed the man to trace diseases through the years.



The correct word would be demography, not demagogy.