Jackson was a bad president

Jackson was a zero

Jackson got countless Native Americans killed

Jackson orchestrated the entire trail of tears. He kicked all of the natives out of their homes and forced them to move. The natives didn't even have time to get the belongings they needed! The Natives were treated horribly on the entire trail, and many died. Jackson didn't even believe that the natives were good enough to be citizens, he considered them subjects. He even obtained the nick name "Sharp Knife" from the Cherokees. Furthermore, the Cherokees had no say in where they were to be moved to, they could have at least let them choose where they wanted their reservation to be.

Jackson destroyed the national bank

In 1833 Jackson announced that the government would no longer use the second U.S. national bank. Jackson preceded to take out all of the funds from the bank. The bank had helped keep a strong currency and the centralized bank design is nearly flawless. Jackson may have helped part of the population, but he completely disregarded the middle class. Everything he did was just for the lower class. While I agree with helping out the less fortunate, this should not be done at the expense of those who worked hard for their middle class status.

He introduced a corrupt spoils system

Jackson is the first president to ever use this system, and him introducing it has had negative effects on our country ever since. The spoils system is essentially deciding that since someone is sided against you in the government, you will fire him and hire someone who is for you, even if that new person is less qualified than the last! This system is completely unfair for the man who loses his job even though he is the best at what he does. Sure, this system can help in some ways, such as the politicians being able to all agree on decisions easier, but it mostly has negative effects.
This Cartoon shows Jackson's lack of political experience and how he will not hear out those who oppose him.
History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester