Athens rules!

by Sean fuller

Athens government

Athens government is a democracy were citizens get a say in some of the governments decisons cool right if your a citizen you can join the assembly they make all of our laws.To qualify as a citizen you must be a free male that is at least 18. Also if your not a citizen no worries we also have the council of 500 you don't have to be a citizen you can be male, female ,rich or poor.The council of 500 is 500 people who won a lottery if your one of those lucky people hear is what you do you proposing the laws the assembly votes on and you get paid for being in the council.One more thing we fear if we give power to one ruler he might become corrupted so we choose 10 experienced generals to lead us.

Athens values

Athenians value temples ,athena,art and monuments.We also we like education boys are taut at home till age 6 then they go to school until they are 14 the next 4 years are optional.If you like the olympics we athenians envented it we do it to honor zeus.Also did you know many countries swich to our currency to trade hear.