Romeo and Juliet

Act 1 Scene 4

By Jan Schmid


In this scene Mercurio, Benvolio, Romeo, and a few other men are all heading through Verona to the Capulet party. Romeo acts very depressed and is unwilling to go to the party, he is the ultimate party pooper. Romeo claims that he can't have fun because he has been scarred by love and Cupid's arrow. So, he claims they can't go because he had a dream. Mercutio also had a dream but as the two men elaborate it is discovered that Romeo believes dreams are true while Mercutio does not. To calm Romeo, Mercurio went on to talk about the dream bringer, Queen Mab. Mercutio spoke of this queen of fairies who is dainty and brings dreams to good people. These dreams contain what these people want. Then the subject is changed to nightmares and how people who do bad things dream of their fears. The overall idea is that sleepers get what they are in their dreams. But the speech meant more than just dreams because Mercutio also said that dreams happen to the lazy who do nothing and that they are nonexistent and will never mean anything. But this also applies to Romeo's love for Rosaline and the fact that the love is nothing but thin air and hope. By the end the men carry on but Romeo pauses to think about his dream and how something already in the stars will happen at the party which will result in his untimely death. This event is already decided and will happen whether or not Romeo goes to the party, so he goes anyways.



I feel that this song sets a mood very similar to how Romeo feels when he talks at the beginning of the scene. It's very depressing and the artist seems numb, similar to Romeo when he talks about his love. It also talks about dreams which is a large topic in scene 4. overall i feel that this song shows the mood of Romeo extremely well in relation to his pessimistic comments.