7th Grade Party!!!!!!!!!!

By:Brycen Fears

Question 1

Too make each equation; I just simpy plugged in the numbers where they go.
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Question 2

Yes, the graphs cross at the point of intersection.

They will be the same at (55,570)

Question 3

If you used Burger Bonanza you could only have 50 people, but with Pizza Palace you can have 100.

You can’t have a decimal, because you can’t have part of a person you have to have a whole.

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Proposed plan 1

Pizza Palace would be better for 100 people all the way to 250 people. With 0-50 people Burger Bonanza would be better.

Proposed plan 2

From 0-4 hours hoppin’ around would be the better buy, but from 6-10 jumpin’ jacks would be the better deal.

Question 4

I plugged in the numbers to fit the equation.

Question 5

Yes, at (4,330)

Whenever I graphed it the numbers on the table were the same at (4,330).

Question 6

For both bounce house companies, the maximum amount of hours would be 10.

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