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From the CEO...

Welcome! to "eWalkThrough Fuel, Volume 2, No.1," a quarterly communique for the SWPRSC digital eWalkThrough system. We are pleased to begin our second full year of this electronic support for eWalkThrough users. Student success is the destination, education is the engine, and eWalkThrough is the fuel.

The team at Southwest Plains Regional Service Center is committed to continually supporting teachers in the effort to deliver excellent instruction. As professional learning is designed and implemented to support this vision, it is absolutely essential that student success remain the center of all our endeavors.

The powerful data generated by implementing the digital eWalkThrough system (electronic classroom observation) provide immediate feedback for decision making. Ultimately, these data provide a consistent and reliable fuel for the education engine--for delivery of excellent instruction and ultimately, for increased student learning.

Because eWalkthrough has such potential as a catalyst to support both excellent instruction and a positive shift in learning (Walk-through as Powerful, n.d.), this process is quickly establishing itself as best practice (Hopkins, 2010; David, 2008). When real-time observation data are collected and analyzed, they become a powerful source of fuel to support self-reflection and collaborative conversation. The final results are clear (Protheroe, 2009). Program initiatives are actualized. Instructional strategies improve. Student success increases.

Expect the eWalkThrough Fuel quarterly from Dr. Kelly Gillespie, CEO of Southwest Plains Regional Service Center. Our professional learning team is dedicated to the design of innovative solutions that will deliver results for your staff and your students.

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eWalkThrough Data: Support for Kansas Education Systems Accreditation

To maximize the power of the digital eWalkThrough data for use as evidence in the KESA process, districts will want to consider alignment of eWalkThrough look-fors with accreditation requirements.

The emerging KESA system for district accreditation is based on a 5R Framework consisting of the following constructs:


  • Setting high expectations to ensure acquisition of college and career readiness.
  • Encompasses Career and Technical Education, Professional Learning, Resources, and Data.


  • Opportunities to apply learning outside the classroom and school walls.
  • Encompasses Curriculum, Instruction, Student Engagement, and Technology.


  • Inclusion of all stakeholders involved in educating every learner.
  • Encompasses Staff, Students, Families, and Communities.

Responsive Culture

  • Honors diversity, promotes innovation and curiosity, provides differentiated instruction, develops global competence in students, and supports healthy life choices.
  • Encompasses Leadership, Early Childhood, School Climate, Nutrition & Wellness, and Innovation.


  • All students to be college & career ready upon graduation from a Kansas high school.
  • Achievement Data, Growth in Student Achievement, Reduced Gaps in Achievement, and Other Measures.
When the digital eWalkThrough look-fors are aligned to the KESA 5Rs, the data will speak for themselves. Districts will have immediate feedback. Solutions can be targeted to support very specific and differentiated instructional needs. Efforts can continuously be refined to achieve intended outcomes.

An initial step in the KESA process is completion of a needs assessment. This process supports buildings and districts in reviewing the current status of their work in relation to the 5Rs. Once the needs assessment is complete, a minimum of two goals are to be identified and an action plan developed to drive successful attainment of these targets.

Data generated utilizing the digital eWalkThrough system will be invaluable during the following phases of this work:

Final Thoughts

KESA is a process to support districts as they move through self-evaluation, reflection, and continuous monitoring for on-going improvement. The digital eWalkThrough system allows this process to be data-based, to be objective, and to be authentic and discreet in its analysis and in the delivery of recommendations for excellent teaching.

Bottomline, the digital eWalkThrough system supports districts to...

  • move from assumptions to reality;
  • progress from the subjective to the objective;
  • conduct data-based instructional conversations and self-reflection;
  • make decisions and drive instructional improvement, and ultimately;
  • increase student success.

[Note: The eWalkThrough process is also applicable to support accreditation systems within higher education and to generate the data required by said policies. (policy.hlcommission.org)]

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