By Camille Bassett

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What is Malware:
Definition: Malware is any malicious computer software.

Types of Malware:

  1. Viruses
  • A virus is a destructive program that copies itself. Viruses need contact to spread. The virus does whatever the program wants it to do within the computer.

2. Trojan Horses

  • A Trojan Horse is another malicious software that seems legitimate but actually allows someone else to access the computer.

3. Spyware

  • Spyware is a program that secretly obtains personal information from a computer. The computer owner often does not know it is in the computer.
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How To Avoid Malware

  1. Antivirus Software
  • Download an Antivirus Software and let it run all the time. Update the software when needed.

2. Firewall

  • A Firewall controls what can connect to a computer and what that computer can connect to. This limits the Malicious programs that can get into a computer.

3. Common Sense

  • Do not click on unidentified links or download unrecognized email attachments.