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March 2015

Life Changing Essential Oils

I have been thinking about what I want to share with you all this month. What I keep coming back to is that essential oils have been life changing for me and my family. The first oil that was life changing for my family was OnGuard. My boys, six and eight, have not on any sort of prescription medicine for well over two years now. I think that makes us unique, what do you think? Next, I would say DigestZen has been a game changer. I haven't taken any sort of medicine for tummy troubles since I have been introduced to the oils AND even better I now rarely need my DigestZen. I have to say that Clary Calm might be the biggest life changer yet. If you have known me for long, and some of you have, you know that I have dealt with severe menstrual cramps for most of my life. The medical solution to this was birth control pills, which caused me a myriad of other problems. I tried herbs and supplements for years. I use Clary Calm. I no longer take pain medication monthly and BONUS, I am a much nicer person for more days out of the month. Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint, saved me last year at this time when my seasonal allergies were making me very ill. Which oils have been life changing for you? Please share with me. Drop me an email, find me on Facebook or give me a ring! Let’s have coffee! If you haven't already tried the Life Time Vitality Pack, consider a 30 day money back trial. If you think the oils are life changers you might be surprised to learn the number one best selling product from dōTERRA is the supplement pack, Life Time Vitality Pack, which incorporate the oils into your daily life. dōTERRA Latin for gift of the earth, which is nice but for me I give all the glory to God. Love my little life changers!

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I like to make my own hand foaming soap but if you schedule is busy than you should take advantage of the 10% off special and enjoy incorporating Onguard into your hand washing! Wild Orange is wonderful! If you have occasional anxiety I highly recommend this blend. It would be great for the kids as they are taking STARR test this spring. If you aren't sure how to use the points you are earning on shipping or want to learn how to earn more points by committing to a monthly order, make sure you ask me or your leader! Lastly, aches and pains anyone!?!?! I love deep blue. I use it on computer neck! I use it for achy muscles. I find that when I use it at bedtime it promotes better sleep. Get this combo absolutely free with your 200 PV order this month. You will be so glad you did!

Dr. Hill tells us that he especially formulated Deep Blue for:
a. Relieve symptoms
b. Reduce inflammation, healing of an area

Dr. Hill shares that Deep Blue is remarkable because of the purity of the oils used in the blend the cells absorb the blend quickly (blood flow is stimulated) and because our systems are connected so well you can apply to a knee and the pain in your neck may also be relieved as the blend is processed thru your system; and so much more.

Helpful hints from Dr. Hill: – do not rub in your eyes; use a little and wait for relief for a few minutes –then add a little more if you need it;
Dr. Hill said that if you use smaller amounts more often you would experience consistent relief.

Do It Yourself

Donna's Good Health Team

Our team is growing! Congratulations to Tina Miller for being our top sharer this month and bringing the most new members to our team! Congratulations to Laine Jackson for enrolling her first builder, Valerie Hench! Congratulation to Valerie Hench for getting her first enrollment this month! Sharing oils is easy because they are life changers. If you find yourself sharing oils with your friends and family, let me know if we can come host a class at your home or if you are interested on the business opportunity. Either way you can earn free oils!

Upcoming EVENTS!!!

Thursday, March 5, Katy, TX, Roller Bottle Remedy with Donna Randall

Saturday, March 15, Fulshear, TX - Bring a friend by our booth at the Forever Fulshear Farmers Market.

Sunday, March 22, Katy, TX , March Makeover with Slim and Sassy with Ellen Combrink

Monday, March 23, Fulshear, TX, Healthy Kids Class with Angie Ballis and Tracy Hobdy

Sunday, March 29, Katy, TX Opportunity Meeting with Adryan Dupre, No strings attached, come hear about the dōTERRA opportunity.