Electromagnetic Waves - X-Rays

By: Andy Bodell

Name of EM wave and its uses

My EM wave is X-Rays

The uses for X-Rays include

  1. Airport Security to see in people's luggage
  2. By doctors to take pictures of bones
  3. By astronomers to find things in space emitting X-Rays
  4. They're also used to scan people's bodies in airports or other places to check for weapons or anything dangerous.
This is an X-Ray image of the sun from NASA

New Technology

  • The new technology that researchers at the MIT have found is a way for X-Rays to be able to take images of the soft tissues of the body without any contrast agents, and being able to see the images in high resolution.
  • They're using batch micro fabrication processes that are used to make micro chips for computers. They have also created a nanostructured surface with tiny tips that emit beams of electrons. These then pass through a microstructured plate that emits a beam of X-Rays.
  • This type of X-Ray is better than a normal X-Ray because you will be able to find out what blood vessels are supplying things like tumors, which in turn will help the removal of the tumor to be easier. You will also be able to see all of the ligaments in the knee which will help in diagnosing knee injuries in things such as sports, and you will also be able to see where the ligament is torn which will help with surgery to fix the ligament.
  • This technology was discovered on Dec 4, 2013 and it was discovered by MIT University in Massachusetts, and Luis Velásquez-García was the leader of the group that made the discovery.