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Happy Monday

January is so interesting. It's always like nothing happens during the first half of the month, and then all of a sudden, your business is booming!

Weekly Focus

1. January bookings!

This week we should be focusing on bookings for the last part of January. Our month falls in a great way where the last 3 days of the month are a Tuesday, Wednesday, and a Thursday. Hostesses get an extra $50 and get to be the first to show the new line. Guests are happy because its the end of the month and are getting paid! The weather is yucky and women are ready to get out and have a little girl-time without their kiddos and husbands! All great reasons to book those last few days of January! I'll be holding a Booking Challenge each day this week on our Team Facebook page, so check in each morning this week and participate for some fun prizes!

2. Sponsoring

We have a great sponsoring special this month. I plan to personally reach out to several people that know what I do and would be great. Im going to say "I really want you to know that I think you'd be great at doing what I do...." and leave it there. They have to respond to that comment and I think Ill go from there after I hear their response.

3. Back to the Basics

Ill be starting a 4 week series of calls on the basics of our business. This call will be held on Monday nights for a four-week period. We will go over the basics of our business and will be taking Q&A at the end. This call starts Monday 1/28 at 8:30 to 9:00 pm EST and runs weekly until 2/18. We will focus on Booking, Selling, and Sponsoring as well as questions you may have. In order to maintain a small group feel and discussion, we are limiting this call to 10 participants.

This call is for anyone that wants to learn about how to have a consistent business by focusing on the circle of success, Book>Sell>Sponsor.

Call in number is 559.546.1000 password 1041536 Please register here!

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