Team Charming Stars

January 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to 2015!

Can you believe it's January already? We have so much to look forward to in this new year! Couple of friendly reminders:

  1. Check your back office often (like every day if possible)
  2. Reach out to your mentor if you have questions.
  3. Our Facebook page is to encourage each other - not to complain! Bring complaints to your mentor!!

You might wonder why you are receiving this newsletter - when you don't get one from me every month.....usually the newsletter goes to just those who count me as their immediate Director - but we have SO much information to get out about some exciting training and conference - that it's going to everyone this month!!

COMING SOON - Inscriptions line February 17th

Canada - DIW sign up begins on February 3, goes live February 17th.

SO much happening in the coming days!!

Summit Academy -

Are you ready to Soar? Now is the time. Its time to Raise the Bar, determine your treasure, chart your course and above all, keep your eyes on the Summit! Through the combined effort of Directors: April Schumacher, Heather Moreland, Jennifer Hudnet, Susan Gordon, Michele Fuhrmaneck and Senior Directors: Lisa Weihbrecht, Lisa Dunaway, Lynn Avara-Stover and Heather Hall, this program has something to offer designers at all career levels. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and we stand united in your corner to help you achieve them. So whether you're brand new or a locket veteran, this program has been designed to take you to the next level. It is not for the faint of heart. It is for those committed to achieving their goals. The know how will come, its the heart and dedication that must be present now. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level. This program is for you! Please select your current achieved title when purchasing reserving your ticket. As you promote through the ranks, you will be celebrated through our graduation process and moved to the next career level. Its time to start climbing!

If you have not already registered - please do, using the link below!

Top Sponsors for December!!

  1. Mandy Whaley - 3
  2. Janet Olivieri - 3
  3. Kim Schreiner - 3
  4. Beckie Sydlowski - 2
  5. Janean Linder - 2
  6. Jennifer Hudnet - 2
  7. Kathy Grady - 2
  8. Kimberley Kelley - 2
  9. Lalena Hopper - 2
  10. Lisa Hoffee - 2
  11. Lori Sargent - 2
  12. Marindy & Donald Creef - 2
  13. Pamela Bobinski - 2
  14. Peggy Conley - 2

AMAZING job everyone! Way to build your teams!

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Sales - for December

  1. Lori Sargent $6184.45
  2. Denise Curran $4500.20
  3. Marindy & Donald Creef $4065.40
  4. Kevin Leger $3623.90
  5. Cindy Lowe $3534.65

WOW - way to blow out December! Congratulations!!!!


Congratulations to everyone that earned this amazing trip! Enjoy your time in the sun - don't forget to share pictures with us!
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Find Your Happy 2015 O2 Experience! July 23-25, 2015

Conference will be here before we know it! We will all be together in Chicago, IL. Don't forget - early bird registration is still available for $199. The link is below!

Many of our Directors are participating in a Team Dinner on Friday night! We have 2 time slots 7 pm and 8:30 PM. Check with your immediate Director to see if they are participating - and sign up!! Heather Hall is my upline Director and just an AMAZING person - it's going to be a great time!

Lynn Avara-Stover, Senior Director

If you are not on the Team Charming Stars Facebook page - and wish to be - please let me know, I'd love to have you!

I know you are probably tired of reading all of this by now - but I do have a gift to send to someone - if you are reading this - email me at - and I will put everyone into a drawing for some Happy Mail!! Please only use this email address, and put: "Enter Me" in the subject line!

I'm here for each and every person on this team - reach out to your mentor - and see if they can help - they can always come to me with a concern!!

Here's to an AMAZING Valentine's Day!