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Food and hunting

Cats love to hunt at night. They like to hunt rabbits, mice, moles, and birds. Cats also love to play with cat toys. Cats should be fed twice a day so they do not run out of food or water to soon. Cats like to eat treats that are made for them. But sometimes kittens eat canned food for cats but it can give it diarrhea.

Cats age

Some cats can live up to 30 years old with enough care. One year in cat years is 5 or 6 in human years. So if your cat is 7 in human years, in cat years your cat will be 35 or 42. Cats that live indoors live longer than a farm cat because a farm cat is more likely to get a disease from an animal and get sick and die.

How to take care of your cat

To take care of your cat you have to take it to the vet once in a while. Check for fleas and ticks or you can get a flea collar to keep the fleas out. If your cat starts to sneeze and looks sick take it to the vet and it will feel better in a few days or weeks. If your cat gets hurt by an animal and has something broken take it in so the cat gets a cast and to make sure the animal that hurt the cat does not have rabies.

Cat relatives

Cat relatives are tigers, lions, cheetahs, leopards and more. Cat species have rounded heads and short muzzles. They do not always like to be around people.



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